Welcome to the world, Wesley!!


He’s here!! All 7LBS 15.8OZ of him 🙂 Actually, he’s been for ALMOST a week now. I’m still a little in shock! But in awe, all at the same time! We were fully prepared for our little Wesley to make his entrance into this biggo’ crazy world on the 18th of this month. BBBBUUUTTTT!! This little man had a surprise for us! haha! He couldn’t wait to meet his momma, any longer & on Valentines Day, the contractions started coming & as much as I tried to ignore them, they just wouldn’t stop!

Don’t get me wrong, I was wayyy excited to meet this handsome little fella & I was at the point where I was no longer feeling the “glow” of the pregnancy. haha! However, him arriving on the 14th…I was a little less than thrilled. LOL

Couple things; I’m big on throwing my babies birthday parties. Our oldest son had birthday themes planned for parties 1-5 years old, every since I was expecting him! I just love them, planning them, seeing everyone enjoy my genius & adorable Pinterst decorations/snacks/games that go along with our theme, perfectly! haha (WHAT did anyone do before Pinterest? Best, site, EVER!) I eat up party planning :] So! The thought of little baby Wesley having to share his birthday with all the other love birds in the world & the stores being filled with nothing but pink & red & roses & heart shaped goodies…Makes me cringe!

To add to that, EVERY other birth for me has had to be scheduled. I thought this one was no different! So I set my OCD ways to the side & stopped trying to plan everything down the the last second. haha With that being said, I didn’t pack up for the hospital like I usually would & instead, tried to enjoy my last little bit of time as a mother of 3 & planned to prep & pack Monday while they were at school/the sitters. ha! That back fired cause this guy came allllll on his own & this momma had not washed his sleeper, packed a hospital bag, pre sanitized bottles & things of that sort, nothingggg. The panic was totally setting in when the contractions were growing stronger verses fading away!!

More so than anything..I had a beautifulllll wedding I was scheduled to shoot & SOO looking forward too! Seriously, y’all- It was like my dream wedding!! & here I was hovered over in pain, forced with trying to decide if this labor was really interrupting all that I had been looking forward too. I mean, my bride didn’t walk down the aisle guys, she ROAD down it!! On the back of a stunning horse!! To her hubs who wore suspenders & the giddiest smile! It was stunning! A flower crown, a fur coat, at a beautiful barn. Geeeezzz!! It had all my other favorite vendors there, that I adore working with! ahhhh! I still want to cry thinking about how I was not able to take part in all that beautifulness! Luckily, I had a back up plan & one heck of a friend (some of you may know her ;] Kiersten from Kiersten Grant Photography) who is an amazingggg photog & stepped right in & captured Sarah & Matt’s day so stinking beautifully, in my place. I’m still a little bitter with this kid for making me miss out on such a lovely event but, he is worth it! Ohhh so worth it! Just look at his cute little self!!


I waited so long to decide that this was the real deal..that this labor..was REALLY happening! hahaha I wish I was kidding, We live 35 minutes from the closet hospital, my contractions got to a minute & a half apart as we were nearing the hospital, I got checked & was already 9CM dilated & placed in a room immediately & after being at the hospital for right at an hour, I was holding my adorable Wesley Dean! Things went SO quickly, there was no time for an epidural, no time to bring in my bags or camera, no time to notify some of the friends & family I wanted to give a heads up too but, he’s here & health & thats all that matters ❤ I am feeling incredibly blessed! We’re still adjusting to being the parents of FOUR kinds now! But wanted to savor a few minutes with our Baby Wes & snuck a few photos with our newest little guy, yesterday 🙂



My heart is SO full!!


He’s clearly got a little “do what I want” demeanor to him! haha His sweetness totally overpowers it though! Them LONG ol’ fingers & toes for days, the wrinkle in his precious forehead, the hair just brushing the tops of his ears ❤ Oh my goshhh!




We are so so in love!!




Just LOOK at that face!


In this very moment, as I type this out with my precious 6 day old sweet little baby in my arms & my handsome husband rocking in the chair next to me & our other babies all piled around us, all is right in the world.

I’m one lucky lady 🙂



Humble Family | St. Andrews State Park


This past Friday was not one of our warmest, that’s for sure!! The wind was just a whipping & the chill off the ocean was…burrrr!! But!! You would NEVER know it! This adorable family toughed it out & smiled right on through it! Even sweet little 3 year old Mason! That kiddo was such a good sport & grinned big for me, even with the 10 MPH wind we were experiencing!!

Lee & Tiffany brought Mason down here to visit our beach for a weekend get away & decided while they were here, they would take advantage of our beautiful scenery & schedule some photos so Tiffany could show off her BEAUTIFUL ring Lee purposed to her with 🙂 I’m totally jealous! haha The man’s got good taste for sure!! You’ll see for your self in an image below. They will be coming back in September, to tie the knot here in Panama City!
What I want to know is…Is this real life?! Is my job REALLY hanging out with an awesome family on a Friday evening, getting to watch the sun set over the water, awing over a beautiful ring & playing in the sand with a cutie like little Mason?! Ahhh! My heart is so full ❤

Hugs, y’all!








Waiting on Wesley


Hey there,
Can you believe February is already here?! I can’t even!! The year is already zooming by! Some days…the days drag on for me! haha But I feel that way, completely due to the fact that I am very, VERY pregnant at the moment & the end is drawing near 🙂 Currently, I am a momma of 3 & hopefully in the super near future, our newest little man, Wesley Dean, will be making his big reveal & joining our family! We (his siblings, especially) are so anxious to meet his sweet little self! The day really cannot get here soon enough 🙂 A few weeks ago, right when I was around 35 weeks pregnant, we decided to round up some outfits & take our kiddos to a near by field & snap a few photos of myself with my babies, while we’re waiting on Wesley. Its not too often that I am on that side of the lens but!! This is such a special moment in time, how could I not have it captured!?
Pregnancy is SUCH a blessing. I’m starting to get a bit uncomfortable at this particular phase of my pregnancy & trying to keep up with the 3 rambunctious ones we already have, wears me slap out! haha But! I truly love every part of being pregnant! I’d do it again & again if Jeremy would let me! haha! Still keeping my fingers crossed for another one…or two, after this little guy but, I’m still having to do some persuading on that husband of mine. He thinks we have our hands full already as it is :] It is just such an awesome experience! The flutters you feel, the depth of love you never knew could exist for someone you’ve never technically met, the bond you instantly have, the closeness it brings to you & your family, the belly rubs to my tummy that I get from my older children as they anxiously wait to feel their baby brother moving around, knowing this baby is a result of love my husband & I share for one another, the strength you find within yourself as a woman throughout pregnancy & the birthing process. It all is just totally amazing & something I am so grateful to have been able to experience. Of course I could not think of a better way to help us all remember such a special time, besides having Jeremy, my handsome, well taught (lol,) 2nd shooter, partner, hubby, capture a few precious moments of myself with all my little loves 🙂

I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated & let cha know when our little fella decides to come out & join the herd we have waiting here for him :] Please goodness, tell me it won’t be much longer! hahaha


Oh!! PS: Meet my family > Mckenna Avery >>11
Middle>> Bentley Allen >>4
Youngest (for now ;]) >> Delaney Grace >>2
Fur baby>> Babe Wright