BFF Vacation

When you have a teenager, earning “cool”  points with them is hard to do! I have a pre teen & I can tell you, nothing I do is do is very cool anymore to her. LOL But these parents in this post, probably racked up enough points to last them a while 🙂 If I could be 13 again, this would be an unforgettable way to kick off spring time.

5 lucky ladies, not just any 5, but 5 best freindssss…Got to travel together (along with their families) to the worlds most beautiful beaches & enjoy a vacation all together. Totally cool, right?


While making plenty of memories together & enjoying the sugary, soft, white sand, they asked me to come along one evening & capture their time together 🙂

Meet the girls;
Just look’et those beauties ❤

& we can’t forget their awesome families!!

What a crew :]2016-03-14_0007
There was NO lack of personality, that’s for sure!
Enjoy life, ladies 🙂 Its hard not to when you have your best gal pals by your side!!



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