An unforgettable evening!

Christine & Jonathan are totally adorable! & though they are quiet, the looks they give one another speaks volumes about the love they share! I was honored they allowed Jeremy & I to be the ones to capture their sweet spirits, earlier this month!! On a perfect evening, on a private, beautiful spot back in the woods…they got hitched 🙂 They proclaimed their love in front of the most spirited, lively, fun, lovin’ bunch you’ve ever seen!! Just WAIT till you see  some of the reception pictures! These people KNOW how to have a good time!!

Watching Christine’s 6 foot something, manly man, tough guy looking daddy shed tears as he walked her down the aisle, seeing Jonathan’s face light up every time he caught a glimpse of his beautiful bride, the peaceful, unique, wooded ceremony location, watching these love birds & their relatives have the best time ever as they bust a move & play air guitars to the music, to having a guest try to convince my shy hubby to have a dance with them, all the way to the delicious cupcakes you had. Your wedding was a lovely &  unforgettable evening!

Until next time 🙂
Hugs ❤


Reception venue; Women’s Club of Panama City
Caterer; Golden Coral
DJ; Mike Peters


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