The Truth…

Here it is, the truth. The thing most do not like to admit, but the reality is it happens to the best of us. I know I’m not alone & if I can make someone else feel as if they are not alone, I’m ok with bringing a little embarrassment upon myself to let you know we’re in this together. So here it goes; the truth is.. My life….Is a mess! A BEAUTIFUL freaking mess.

As a lot of you know, I’ve recently been upgraded to a mom of FOUR. Which has been so exciting & totally terrifying all at the same time! Jer & I are completely out numbered at this point & I feel as if most days, we spend it following orders given to us by little bossy beings, who are no taller than 40 inches. haha! Even still, I love everything about being a momma! The good, the bad & even the ugly. Its a packaged deal, this parenting thing is. You can’t have just the good. You have to take it all & I’m learning to make the best of the “bad” that comes with motherhood. Sleep, who needs it!? Alone time, its a good day if I can potty with only 2 out of 4 kids in the bathroom with me at once! Warm food, ha! Eating it cold means I will likely not eat as much of it & that’ll help with all this baby weight I put on! HAHA! See!! I’m seeing the positive in the bad 😉

I’m not gonna lie, its hard. Hard as hell! But it is THE MOST fulfilling, rewarding thing I have ever, ever done! I am no longer a size 2, no longer have flawless skin, look like a cave man with the amount of hair on my unshaved legs LOL But! I feel more loved & beautiful than I ever have before. I have 4 little humans that look up at me  with their big beautiful eyes they got from their daddy & see past my unwashed hair & stained clothes & look at me like I am the best thing on earth (especially when I am unwrapping a piece of candy they couldn’t open themselves.) The amount of love I feel from them & for them, far surpasses any sleepless night or pain of a lego they left out that pierces my foot when I step on it, or spilt juice the won’t come out of the carpet.

I doubt myself daily! Life ain’t easy. Especially when one takes on soooo much, all at once! Running an awesome photography business (that I am SO blessed to have!! Not just from a finical standpoint but it allows me to work mostly from home so I can be there for my babies more, but also the people I have met & the relationships I have gained. This industry has connected me with so many very talented individuals!! & my clients, oh my, I truly cherish! I have gotten so close to so many over the years <3) Then, while pregnant, we started a total renovation of our home. We’re currently on week 20 & ALMOST near the end. To see the crazy conditions we’re living in with our herd of 6 & to see the progress, look up #thewrightremodel on Instagram 😉 then you add a colic 6 week old, 2 toddlers, a preteen, an attention seeking fur baby & a hubs…..its a lot! It’s a mess but it MY mess, my absolutely beautiful mess of a life. & I am incredibly blessed to be living it. Sometime we need to keep in mind, its a bad day, not a bad life!

This whole post got brought about from a small victory we had last night. Baby Wesley has struggled with adjusting to this biggo’ outside world a little bit. He’s been on the fussy side & when I was nearing my breaking point last night from pure exhaustion, all the stresses that come with everything I have going on & all the babies needing me & a bath…I  put the toddlers in the tub together next to my shower & just stepped under the luke warm water with the baby & ahhh. He was so peaceful & calm & I was finally getting to hold my baby without him crying or feeding! It was amazing! & in that moment, I realized that, that is the truth, the beautiful mess that it may be, its our life. & you all allow us to be apart of your lives all the time, its only fair that you get to know about mine 🙂 As messy & as lovely as it may be!! This post is totally un-photography related, not our typical wedding blog 😉 But! Its a real blog, about the realness of our lives. So if you’re feeling the stresses of life too, hang in there!! I feel your pain! Just focus on those moments that make it all totally worth it. Like cuddling your peaceful, tear free, 9lbs handsome baby boy after a long day!


I’m gonna leave y’all with some photos of our crazy herd :] ..enjoy!

2016-03-31_0001Luckily, Jeremy thought to snap a photo or two for me & the rare, precious moment I got to share with Wesley Dean. This is SUCH a cherished photo ❤
See the silliness I deal with 🙂 haha! This is our bunch, on our dogs 3rd birthday!! haha Yes! We threw her a big party for her special day! lol She even has her own hashtag. Look up #BABEwright to see the wild adventures of our furry friend 🐶


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