We’re back…with BIG news!

We’re alive! We have NOT falling off the face of the earth! haha! Although I can see why you may think we have, since we’ve been MIA for the last….forever it feels like 🙂 We’re still here!! We’ve just been soaking up loads of time with our crazy herd of munchkins during the off season! Lots has happened since our last personal post! We bought an RV & have taken several unforgettable road trips, our oldest, Mckenna won grand champion at her cheerleading competition, our Benny rode his very first backwards rollercoaster during our recent Disney trip & LOVED it, little Laney got to meet a “real, live unicorn” the other day & our baby boy, Wesley..turned a whole year old on Valentines day! Oh yeah, & we’re having ANOTHER BABY!!!


We could not be any more excited, or scared, or happy, or nervous, or crazy!! haha 5 kids!? Wha whatttt?? lol! Jeremy & I are always up for an adventure & being the head of #theWRIGHTherd is always an adventure 🙂 We’re just over 11 weeks along & feeling decent so far! No real sickness, but not totally feeling myself 100% of the time. I am one tired momma but..I don’t think I can entirely blame this new little bundle, I think it could because I’m chasing a newly one year old, two toddlers & a pre teen on top of being pregnant! haha!

Let me tell you al little about some of the family fun we’ve been having; Buying an RV has been THE best investment we have made as parents! Since November, we have traveled all over showing our little ones all sorts of new things & letting them experience so much more, because we can travel longer distances, so much more comfortably! Its been a blast! We ventured off to Georgia with cousins to enjoy Wild Adventures theme park, Alabama to see the Jurassic World tour, Tennessee for some fun at Dollywood, St. George Island for some quiet beach time, North Carolina to view some mountains & waterfalls, most recently we took off to Orlando to celebrate Wesley’s 1st birthday at Disney World!! Its been amazing! Best decision everrrr. Here are a few images from our road trips, big camera & iPhone photos 😉


Can I just take a minute to say that I am in total shock that this handsome, hefty, cake lovin’ fella is already a year old! I cannot believe it! We had to recreate my favorite photo from when he was a new wittle baby! He has changed sooo much but his love for some shower time sure hasn’t!!  2017-02-27_00142017-02-27_0018

Things are good! Things are SO good 🙂 & we are thrilled to dive into the 2017 season! We’re  so excited to meet the new families we have on our calendar for this year & even more excited to see our returning clients that will be visiting our beautiful beaches again! & oh my gaaaa! I cannot even explain my excitement for our weddings we have booked! eeeekkk!! So! Until I have pretty pictures of my couples to share, let me flood your screen with my adorable little humans & what we’ve been up too while we were “in hiding” haha

Hugs, y’all ❀



The Truth…

Here it is, the truth. The thing most do not like to admit, but the reality is it happens to the best of us. I know I’m not alone & if I can make someone else feel as if they are not alone, I’m ok with bringing a little embarrassment upon myself to let you know we’re in this together. So here it goes; the truth is.. My life….Is a mess! A BEAUTIFUL freaking mess.

As a lot of you know, I’ve recently been upgraded to a mom of FOUR. Which has been so exciting & totally terrifying all at the same time! Jer & I are completely out numbered at this point & I feel as if most days, we spend it following orders given to us by little bossy beings, who are no taller than 40 inches. haha! Even still, I love everything about being a momma! The good, the bad & even the ugly. Its a packaged deal, this parenting thing is. You can’t have just the good. You have to take it all & I’m learning to make the best of the “bad” that comes with motherhood. Sleep, who needs it!? Alone time, its a good day if I can potty with only 2 out of 4 kids in the bathroom with me at once! Warm food, ha! Eating it cold means I will likely not eat as much of it & that’ll help with all this baby weight I put on! HAHA! See!! I’m seeing the positive in the bad 😉

I’m not gonna lie, its hard. Hard as hell! But it is THE MOST fulfilling, rewarding thing I have ever, ever done! I am no longer a size 2, no longer have flawless skin, look like a cave man with the amount of hair on my unshaved legs LOL But! I feel more loved & beautiful than I ever have before. I have 4 little humans that look up at me  with their big beautiful eyes they got from their daddy & see past my unwashed hair & stained clothes & look at me like I am the best thing on earth (especially when I am unwrapping a piece of candy they couldn’t open themselves.) The amount of love I feel from them & for them, far surpasses any sleepless night or pain of a lego they left out that pierces my foot when I step on it, or spilt juice the won’t come out of the carpet.

I doubt myself daily! Life ain’t easy. Especially when one takes on soooo much, all at once! Running an awesome photography business (that I am SO blessed to have!! Not just from a finical standpoint but it allows me to work mostly from home so I can be there for my babies more, but also the people I have met & the relationships I have gained. This industry has connected me with so many very talented individuals!! & my clients, oh my, I truly cherish! I have gotten so close to so many over the years <3) Then, while pregnant, we started a total renovation of our home. We’re currently on week 20 & ALMOST near the end. To see the crazy conditions we’re living in with our herd of 6 & to see the progress, look up #thewrightremodel on Instagram 😉 then you add a colic 6 week old, 2 toddlers, a preteen, an attention seeking fur baby & a hubs…..its a lot! It’s a mess but it MY mess, my absolutely beautiful mess of a life. & I am incredibly blessed to be living it. Sometime we need to keep in mind, its a bad day, not a bad life!

This whole post got brought about from a small victory we had last night. Baby Wesley has struggled with adjusting to this biggo’ outside world a little bit. He’s been on the fussy side & when I was nearing my breaking point last night from pure exhaustion, all the stresses that come with everything I have going on & all the babies needing me & a bath…I  put the toddlers in the tub together next to my shower & just stepped under the luke warm water with the baby & ahhh. He was so peaceful & calm & I was finally getting to hold my baby without him crying or feeding! It was amazing! & in that moment, I realized that, that is the truth, the beautiful mess that it may be, its our life. & you all allow us to be apart of your lives all the time, its only fair that you get to know about mine 🙂 As messy & as lovely as it may be!! This post is totally un-photography related, not our typical wedding blog 😉 But! Its a real blog, about the realness of our lives. So if you’re feeling the stresses of life too, hang in there!! I feel your pain! Just focus on those moments that make it all totally worth it. Like cuddling your peaceful, tear free, 9lbs handsome baby boy after a long day!


I’m gonna leave y’all with some photos of our crazy herd :] ..enjoy!

2016-03-31_0001Luckily, Jeremy thought to snap a photo or two for me & the rare, precious moment I got to share with Wesley Dean. This is SUCH a cherished photo ❀
See the silliness I deal with 🙂 haha! This is our bunch, on our dogs 3rd birthday!! haha Yes! We threw her a big party for her special day! lol She even has her own hashtag. Look up #BABEwright to see the wild adventures of our furry friend đŸ¶

Waiting on Wesley


Hey there,
Can you believe February is already here?! I can’t even!! The year is already zooming by! Some days…the days drag on for me! haha But I feel that way, completely due to the fact that I am very, VERY pregnant at the moment & the end is drawing near 🙂 Currently, I am a momma of 3 & hopefully in the super near future, our newest little man, Wesley Dean, will be making his big reveal & joining our family! We (his siblings, especially) are so anxious to meet his sweet little self! The day really cannot get here soon enough 🙂 A few weeks ago, right when I was around 35 weeks pregnant, we decided to round up some outfits & take our kiddos to a near by field & snap a few photos of myself with my babies, while we’re waiting on Wesley. Its not too often that I am on that side of the lens but!! This is such a special moment in time, how could I not have it captured!?
Pregnancy is SUCH a blessing. I’m starting to get a bit uncomfortable at this particular phase of my pregnancy & trying to keep up with the 3 rambunctious ones we already have, wears me slap out! haha But! I truly love every part of being pregnant! I’d do it again & again if Jeremy would let me! haha! Still keeping my fingers crossed for another one…or two, after this little guy but, I’m still having to do some persuading on that husband of mine. He thinks we have our hands full already as it is :] It is just such an awesome experience! The flutters you feel, the depth of love you never knew could exist for someone you’ve never technically met, the bond you instantly have, the closeness it brings to you & your family, the belly rubs to my tummy that I get from my older children as they anxiously wait to feel their baby brother moving around, knowing this baby is a result of love my husband & I share for one another, the strength you find within yourself as a woman throughout pregnancy & the birthing process. It all is just totally amazing & something I am so grateful to have been able to experience. Of course I could not think of a better way to help us all remember such a special time, besides having Jeremy, my handsome, well taught (lol,) 2nd shooter, partner, hubby, capture a few precious moments of myself with all my little loves 🙂

I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated & let cha know when our little fella decides to come out & join the herd we have waiting here for him :] Please goodness, tell me it won’t be much longer! hahaha


Oh!! PS: Meet my family > Mckenna Avery >>11
Middle>> Bentley Allen >>4
Youngest (for now ;]) >> Delaney Grace >>2
Fur baby>> Babe Wright