The Slovensky’s | Cape San Blas Family Session


Hugs ❤


The Hoopers | Santa Rosa Beach Family Session

I’ll just leave ALL this adorableness right here for ya! I won’t even go on & on & on about howww much I enjoyed my time with the Hooper crew! But know that I totally stinking loved every second I spent with them 🙂

Hugs ❤


The Gallaghers | Cape San Blas Family Session

Last night, I got to enjoy the sunset with this adorable family that is here in our area on vacation! There is nothing I love more than watching sweet siblings enjoy their time together, twirling their dresses, hair blowing wildly in the wind, whispering silly stuff in each others ear, holding hands with mom & dad & swinging over the sugary soft sand! These little princesses I got to play with last night worked hard to earn an extra scoop of ice cream for dessert!! haha They gave me lots of smiles & cuddles with their grandparents & their aunt & uncle! Check out all the fun we had 🙂


Hugs ❤

The Venturas | Panama City Beach Family Session

I swear, JWP HANDS DOWN, has the cutest stinking clients, ever!! haha While saying my goodbyes to the Ventura family tonight, I was letting them know that after a few days, I will have their images ready for them & they joked that, that was more than fine! That they were not expecting their images back by 11 tonight or anything. But!! Guess what….I’m surprising them with loads of adorable images ❤ I even surprised myself by getting home, bathing my herd of kiddos & myself, tucking them in for the night & got their stuff ready for our day tomorrow &&&now I’m on to a blog for this sweet crew 🙂


Now, I’m off to get some sleep 🙂 Night, y’all! Enjoy!
Hugs ❤


Panama City Beach Lifestyle Session | McAteer Family

I just ADORE this family! & I’m so honored they always let me capture their memories when the come visit our beach ❤ I’m a lady of few words tonight but…that’s partly because I’m dying to share all the pretty pictures with you guys! hahaha Enjoy!!

Night y’all!
Hugs ❤


Howard Family | Henderson Beach State Park

2016-05-02_0007Meet the Howard Family! Party of 3, soon to be 4!! Little Miss Maddie celebrated her 2nd birthday here on the beautiful beach of Destin, FL. & During her birthday trip, they let JWP take part in some of the fun & capture this BIG moment for her 🙂 Not only is she growing a year older, she is also being promoted to big sister!! In about 2 more months, that glowing beauty up there, Chrissy, will be giving Maddie a baby brother ❤

Check out all the fun we had at the state park last Friday evening.


We made sand castles, stomped our feet like a dinosaur, went sky high with momma, gave daddy some sweet snuggles, talked to mommas belly & what’s a birthday without some sprinkles!?! So we finished the night with some yummy  birthday cookies in our bright blue beach chair 🙂

Thank you Howard Family for letting me join in on your vacation!!

Hugs ❤

BFF Vacation

When you have a teenager, earning “cool”  points with them is hard to do! I have a pre teen & I can tell you, nothing I do is do is very cool anymore to her. LOL But these parents in this post, probably racked up enough points to last them a while 🙂 If I could be 13 again, this would be an unforgettable way to kick off spring time.

5 lucky ladies, not just any 5, but 5 best freindssss…Got to travel together (along with their families) to the worlds most beautiful beaches & enjoy a vacation all together. Totally cool, right?


While making plenty of memories together & enjoying the sugary, soft, white sand, they asked me to come along one evening & capture their time together 🙂

Meet the girls;
Just look’et those beauties ❤

& we can’t forget their awesome families!!

What a crew :]2016-03-14_0007
There was NO lack of personality, that’s for sure!
Enjoy life, ladies 🙂 Its hard not to when you have your best gal pals by your side!!