Howard Family | Henderson Beach State Park

2016-05-02_0007Meet the Howard Family! Party of 3, soon to be 4!! Little Miss Maddie celebrated her 2nd birthday here on the beautiful beach of Destin, FL. & During her birthday trip, they let JWP take part in some of the fun & capture this BIG moment for her 🙂 Not only is she growing a year older, she is also being promoted to big sister!! In about 2 more months, that glowing beauty up there, Chrissy, will be giving Maddie a baby brother ❤

Check out all the fun we had at the state park last Friday evening.


We made sand castles, stomped our feet like a dinosaur, went sky high with momma, gave daddy some sweet snuggles, talked to mommas belly & what’s a birthday without some sprinkles!?! So we finished the night with some yummy  birthday cookies in our bright blue beach chair 🙂

Thank you Howard Family for letting me join in on your vacation!!

Hugs ❤

Alli + Eric | Rosemary Beach Engagement

2016-04-28_0078I do not know HOW it would be possible for these two to be anymore in love than what they already are 🙂 They are head over heels for one another & it showed throughout their entire session on the beautifulllllll evening I spent with them over on 30A!

Alli & Eric were fun, absolutely giddy over on another & would sneak a kiss in after almost every photo I’d take ❤ Such an adorable couple! See for yourself!!


Hugs ❤

Alyssa + Tim | Vue on 30A Wedding

Those adorable folks up there tied the knot this past weekend!! What a pleasure it was to be apart of such a beautiful day  with such a sweet couple ❤ Sweet might even be an understatement for these two! They stuck with tradition & didn’t see one another a head of the ceremony but still stood holding hands, each hiding behind a beam of the reception hall, while saying a quick prayer together before the ceremony got started. Tim wore Alyssa’s late grandfather’s cufflinks that day & Alyssa proudly wore the garter her mother had worn at her parents wedding. All day long, Alyssa wanted to be sure that her bridesmaids  as well as everyone else was okay & having a good time. & Tim….he was sure to let his brothers stand on the high side of the sloped ground so that they could attempt to look a little bit closer in height to him during their pictures together. haha!!

Aw 🙂 When Alyssa got all dolled up & saw her daddy for the first time, the tears started flowing!! && not just from Alyssa! haha
Such a sweet moment! 2016-04-28_00102016-04-28_00112016-04-28_00122016-04-28_00132016-04-28_00142016-04-28_00152016-04-28_00162016-04-28_00282016-04-28_00292016-04-28_00302016-04-28_00172016-04-28_00182016-04-28_00192016-04-28_00202016-04-28_00212016-04-28_00222016-04-28_0023
The Jacob Mohr Band was pretty awesome! Their rendition of Dixie Land Delight was fantastic 🙂 2016-04-28_00552016-04-28_0075


Have a happy Thursday, y’all!!
Hugs ❤

Wedding Planner; Savoir Faire Weddings
Venue; Vue on 30A
Band; Jacob Mohr Band
Florals/rentals; Perfect Day Wedding Florist
Cigar Bar; Harbor Cigars

Rachel | 2016 SENIOR

This beautiful gal is attending her last few weeks as a high school student! Soon, she will graduate from Bozeman High School with almost a year of college under her belt already! She is such a sweet, adorable, smart young lady & I am so thrilled she invited me to her families home to capture this special time for her ❤

Congrats, Rae!! You have such a bright future a head of ya, girl 🙂

Hugs ❤

Sarah is a senior!! 

2016-04-05_0002Meet Sarah 🙂 Super sweet Sarah, who uses “ma’am” when speaking to her mother, adorably wrinkles her nose when she laughs & is a lover of cats…even with their sand paper tongues! hahaha! She is such a doll! An absolutely beautiful young lady 🙂 & she allowed me to tag along with her downtown this past Sunday to help her celebrate her final year at Mosley High School!2016-04-05_00012016-04-05_00032016-04-05_00042016-04-05_00052016-04-05_00062016-04-05_00072016-04-05_00082016-04-05_00092016-04-05_00102016-04-05_00112016-04-05_00122016-04-05_0013

Driving away from this shoot, I realized that my 10 year high school reunion is nearing & ohhhh my gala! HOW did that happen?! haha I still feel As If I’m Sarah’s age & have recently wrapped up my own senior year….Clearly, that is not the case! haha With that being said..Sarah! Enjoy this time ❤ You may not feel it right now but!! The lyrics to Trace Adkins song are very, very true;

you’re gonna miss this
you’re gonna want this back
you’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast

Hugs ❤

The Truth…

Here it is, the truth. The thing most do not like to admit, but the reality is it happens to the best of us. I know I’m not alone & if I can make someone else feel as if they are not alone, I’m ok with bringing a little embarrassment upon myself to let you know we’re in this together. So here it goes; the truth is.. My life….Is a mess! A BEAUTIFUL freaking mess.

As a lot of you know, I’ve recently been upgraded to a mom of FOUR. Which has been so exciting & totally terrifying all at the same time! Jer & I are completely out numbered at this point & I feel as if most days, we spend it following orders given to us by little bossy beings, who are no taller than 40 inches. haha! Even still, I love everything about being a momma! The good, the bad & even the ugly. Its a packaged deal, this parenting thing is. You can’t have just the good. You have to take it all & I’m learning to make the best of the “bad” that comes with motherhood. Sleep, who needs it!? Alone time, its a good day if I can potty with only 2 out of 4 kids in the bathroom with me at once! Warm food, ha! Eating it cold means I will likely not eat as much of it & that’ll help with all this baby weight I put on! HAHA! See!! I’m seeing the positive in the bad 😉

I’m not gonna lie, its hard. Hard as hell! But it is THE MOST fulfilling, rewarding thing I have ever, ever done! I am no longer a size 2, no longer have flawless skin, look like a cave man with the amount of hair on my unshaved legs LOL But! I feel more loved & beautiful than I ever have before. I have 4 little humans that look up at me  with their big beautiful eyes they got from their daddy & see past my unwashed hair & stained clothes & look at me like I am the best thing on earth (especially when I am unwrapping a piece of candy they couldn’t open themselves.) The amount of love I feel from them & for them, far surpasses any sleepless night or pain of a lego they left out that pierces my foot when I step on it, or spilt juice the won’t come out of the carpet.

I doubt myself daily! Life ain’t easy. Especially when one takes on soooo much, all at once! Running an awesome photography business (that I am SO blessed to have!! Not just from a finical standpoint but it allows me to work mostly from home so I can be there for my babies more, but also the people I have met & the relationships I have gained. This industry has connected me with so many very talented individuals!! & my clients, oh my, I truly cherish! I have gotten so close to so many over the years <3) Then, while pregnant, we started a total renovation of our home. We’re currently on week 20 & ALMOST near the end. To see the crazy conditions we’re living in with our herd of 6 & to see the progress, look up #thewrightremodel on Instagram 😉 then you add a colic 6 week old, 2 toddlers, a preteen, an attention seeking fur baby & a hubs…..its a lot! It’s a mess but it MY mess, my absolutely beautiful mess of a life. & I am incredibly blessed to be living it. Sometime we need to keep in mind, its a bad day, not a bad life!

This whole post got brought about from a small victory we had last night. Baby Wesley has struggled with adjusting to this biggo’ outside world a little bit. He’s been on the fussy side & when I was nearing my breaking point last night from pure exhaustion, all the stresses that come with everything I have going on & all the babies needing me & a bath…I  put the toddlers in the tub together next to my shower & just stepped under the luke warm water with the baby & ahhh. He was so peaceful & calm & I was finally getting to hold my baby without him crying or feeding! It was amazing! & in that moment, I realized that, that is the truth, the beautiful mess that it may be, its our life. & you all allow us to be apart of your lives all the time, its only fair that you get to know about mine 🙂 As messy & as lovely as it may be!! This post is totally un-photography related, not our typical wedding blog 😉 But! Its a real blog, about the realness of our lives. So if you’re feeling the stresses of life too, hang in there!! I feel your pain! Just focus on those moments that make it all totally worth it. Like cuddling your peaceful, tear free, 9lbs handsome baby boy after a long day!


I’m gonna leave y’all with some photos of our crazy herd :] ..enjoy!

2016-03-31_0001Luckily, Jeremy thought to snap a photo or two for me & the rare, precious moment I got to share with Wesley Dean. This is SUCH a cherished photo ❤
See the silliness I deal with 🙂 haha! This is our bunch, on our dogs 3rd birthday!! haha Yes! We threw her a big party for her special day! lol She even has her own hashtag. Look up #BABEwright to see the wild adventures of our furry friend 🐶

Geoff & Ashley | Santa Rosa Beach Wedding


Saturday, Jeremy & I had the pleasure of capturing the love between these two precious folks! I cannot even explain the fun that was had in Santa Rosa Beach this weekend!! Savoir Faire Weddings always puts on such beautiful events & Stephanie did NOT disappoint this time either!! The weather was giving me a mini heart attack…it was suppose to be non stop rain that day & SOMEHOW, we didn’t see a single drop!! Aside from that, everything was absolutely fabulous! The long dark wood tables, the flower crown, the converse kicks the groom wore, the stunning lace dress the bride wore so beautifully, the obvious love these two share for one another, the gold utensils they used,  the ICE-CREAM cake, yes y’all, ice cream cake. Its like Ashley had a map of the direct path to my heart ❤ haha!! It was perfect & I cannot wait for you guys to scroll down & see what I’m talking about 🙂 2016-03-21_00032016-03-21_00172016-03-21_00042016-03-21_00022016-03-21_00012016-03-21_00052016-03-21_00062016-03-21_00072016-03-21_00092016-03-21_00082016-03-21_00182016-03-21_00102016-03-21_00112016-03-21_0012
Geoff & Ashley wanted to have a first look with one another & during that time, they privately read their vows to each other. It was the sweetest thing, ever! Although I couldn’t hear what was being said between the two of them, the emotion! Woo! So sweet! The way Geoff rubbed Ashley’s arm as she read to him & moved her hair out of her face, how he wrapped her in his arms when she was done & ahhh. The sweetest!
eeeeeekkk!! Geoff’s nephew is named after him & you can tell, that little fella lights up big Geoff’s whole world! Just LOOK at that proud uncles face as his little dude makes his way down the aisle. 2016-03-21_00212016-03-21_00232016-03-21_00222016-03-21_00242016-03-21_00252016-03-21_00262016-03-21_00272016-03-21_00282016-03-21_00292016-03-21_00302016-03-21_00322016-03-21_00342016-03-21_00352016-03-21_00392016-03-21_00382016-03-21_00312016-03-21_00332016-03-21_00362016-03-21_00372016-03-21_00412016-03-21_00402016-03-21_00432016-03-21_00422016-03-21_00452016-03-21_00482016-03-21_00472016-03-21_00492016-03-21_00462016-03-21_00502016-03-21_00522016-03-21_00532016-03-21_00542016-03-21_00552016-03-21_00652016-03-21_00642016-03-21_0066
Ice cream cake timeeee!! 2016-03-21_0068
The toast, were pretty dang epic 🙂 Lots of laughs were had, during that time!! 2016-03-21_00632016-03-21_00622016-03-21_00602016-03-21_00592016-03-21_00572016-03-21_00582016-03-21_0056
Throughout the night, these two love birds had little moments to themselves. Just precious little bits of time where they seemed to really take in the moment, even with all the fun happening around them 🙂 Its as if time was still for them & they were in their own little newlywed world ❤ 2016-03-21_00672016-03-21_00612016-03-21_00692016-03-21_0070
Their confetti exit led them right down to the beach & they ended their BEAUTIFUL night, by the fire, sharing smores. It could not have been anymore perfect  & I’m so happy I got to be apart if it :]

Hugs ❤

Wedding planner; Savoir Faire Weddings
DJ;DJ Vladi
Catering;Paradise Cuisine Catering
Florals;Perfect Day
Hair/Make-up;Matte Makeup
Photographer; Just Wright Photos

BFF Vacation

When you have a teenager, earning “cool”  points with them is hard to do! I have a pre teen & I can tell you, nothing I do is do is very cool anymore to her. LOL But these parents in this post, probably racked up enough points to last them a while 🙂 If I could be 13 again, this would be an unforgettable way to kick off spring time.

5 lucky ladies, not just any 5, but 5 best freindssss…Got to travel together (along with their families) to the worlds most beautiful beaches & enjoy a vacation all together. Totally cool, right?


While making plenty of memories together & enjoying the sugary, soft, white sand, they asked me to come along one evening & capture their time together 🙂

Meet the girls;
Just look’et those beauties ❤

& we can’t forget their awesome families!!

What a crew :]2016-03-14_0007
There was NO lack of personality, that’s for sure!
Enjoy life, ladies 🙂 Its hard not to when you have your best gal pals by your side!!